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Financial Coaching


Mindset & Education

The first step to achieving your financial goals is to develop an appropriate mindset & knowledge around money. We will work together to achieve this objective. 

Wealth Building Strategies

In order to build wealth for generations to come you should have a personalized plan for how your going to invest your money and have the right protection in place.

Other Planning

Outside of Investments and Insurance you may need to consider other areas like how you will pass on your assets or if you were unable able to make decisions because of illness who would?

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Financial Transformation Program

This year-long program is designed to increase your confidence about your money and achieving your financial goals. We will develop a strategy so that every time you are paid you know exactly where your money is going. Whether your focus is building wealth or tackling debt you will increase your total net worth by completing this program.

What’s provided?

  • 1-hr Initial Consultation​

  • 90-Day Financial Action Plan

  • 1 Year Access to Tech & Flow Financial Academy 

  • Access to a 30-Minute Coaching Session each month

  • Access to our exclusive Financial Transformation community

1 on 1 Coaching

Not interested in committing to the Financial Transformation program but have a few questions you'd like answered? Or would like a sounding board when making important financial decisions. Schedule time to chat with Xaviar. 


In this session we will:

  • Review existing assets & liabilities

  • Discuss current financial strategies & goals

  • Uncover the challenges that are holding you back

  • Create three trackable financial goals

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Testimonials & Results
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